White-winged Gull

November 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

All gulls are not created equal, they are not all Ring-billed Gulls in the Meijer parking lot or Herring Gulls at the beach. Every once in a while a special one shows up at Lake Lansing and last evening it was a beautiful Iceland Gull (Kumlieni). What a treat!

Iceland Gull (Kumlieni)Iceland Gull (Kumlieni)
Underneath the wings appear white. This why Iceland Gulls are called white winged gulls. 
Iceland Gull (Kumlieni)Iceland Gull (Kumlieni)
Notice that the primaries have very little black in them.
Iceland Gull (Kumlieni)Iceland Gull (Kumlieni)
Here the Iceland Gull is behind a Ring-billed Gull. Notice that it is larger,
has a rounder head and has very little black in the wing tips (primaries)




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